Snowmen take over Birmingham: photo gallery

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Photo via @evan-braddock.

Snow fell across the greater Birmingham area today. Schools were cancelled. Workers were let go early. And many stores were shut down. The result of this December snow day? Snowmen taking over Birmingham! Did yours make the cut?

Check out our photo gallery for a look at some of the best snowmen taking over the ‘ham.

What beautiful eyes you have.
Photo via @bb_shoots.
“Can we keep him forever, Dad?!”
Photo via Megan Duncan.
I smell another snow day ahead!
Photo via @iamstevie12
I’ll pull out your arm, Snowman!
Photo via @jessicashadden.
Safety first. Protect your noggin’.
Photo via @mrdavis.03.
Stay warm. Wear a scarf.
Photo via Todd Itson.
I can see the entire city from up here!
Photo via Rolf Van Rijn.
Snowman? I thought you said Snowcat?
Photo via Hunter Holland
Snow Buds.
Photo via @jhoomes.
Later cold weather. I’m headed to the beach!
Photo via Laura Miller.
Made it through another snow.
Photo via @catie_skull.
Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.
Photo via @jordn_thomas
Leader of the Snowmen.
Photo via Jessica Gabbert Amick.
Señor Snowman with the sombrero over  here!
Photo via @dcurryyy
Literally making new friends on the Green.
Photo via @maadisonrae
Two thumbs up for Snow Day 2017!
Photo via @vudatnation.

Did you have a favorite snowman that helped take over Birmingham? We want to see!