Adorable and Adoptable Pet of the Week: Spitz

Adorable and Adoptable Pet of the Week

Meet Spitz, this week’s adorable and adoptable feline. You can meet this furry friend and the Greater Birmingham Humane Society.

This is Spitz

This special kitty cat is one of the awesome cats impacted by Hurricane Irma that was brought to the Birmingham Humane Society from Florida. He loves chin scratches and is a big purr machine. So basically he is the perfect cat! I mean just look at that cute face.

Adorable and Adoptable Pet of the Week: Spitz

Adoption Info

All adoptable pets from the GBHS are neutered/spayed, microchipped and up-to-date on all vaccines. They also have more than just cats, dogs and puppies. They sometimes have birds, ferrets, reptiles, pigs, bunnies and other pets up for adoption. Plenty of lovable pets to choose from.

Regular adoption fees are as follows:
• Cats, kittens, dogs or puppies:
• Animals six months and under: $55
• Animals older than six months: $30
• Rabbits: $30
• Ferrets: $55
• Rats, Guinea Pigs & Hamsters: $15 for one or $20 for a pair

In addition to your adoption fee, there is now a small but mandatory microchipping fee of $10 to make sure you never lose your precious new pets. The first year of your microchipping service will be covered by the shelter. Fun Fact: 58% of lost dogs and 38% of lost cats that were microchipped were reunited with their families.

All active and retired military members and their immediate family members receive waived adoption fees with a valid ID presented at the time of adoption.

You can find out all of the adoptable pets at GBHS right here. It is updated regularly as pets become adoptable.

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