Support UAB by voting for the surviv(AL) solar house today

UAB Survive(AL) house
Image courtesy of UAB

Here is a great way to celebrate UAB’s Homecoming this weekend – vote online for UAB’s solar powered house (aka – the surviv(AL) house) at the Solar Decathlon 2017 in Denver.

UAB surviv(AL) house
A draw up of UAB’s surviv(AL) house (Image courtesy of UAB)

Cast your vote today on Facebook for the  surviv(AL) University of Alabama at Birmingham and Calhoun Community College.  The poll will determine who will win the Solar Decathlon’s People’s Choice Award.

Here is the link

Students have worked for over a year to design and build a house fully powered by solar energy.

Last month, the students disassembled the surviv(AL) house on campus and made the journey to Denver, re-assembling the house this week.

UAB surviv(AL) house
Image courtesy of UAB


UAB will be competing against 11 colleges in the U.S. Department of Energy at this prestigious event. To test the teams, the sustainable houses undergo a series of 10 challenges throughout the competition.

The competition began yesterday on October 5th and will conclude on October 15th.

What makes the surviv(AL) special?

The surviv(AL) house is specially designed to thrive in Alabama’s ever-changing weather circumstances.  The house includes tornado panels designed by UAB’s own engineers and a safe room that can withstand up to 250 mph winds.

Students have also designed the house to thrive in the Alabama heat.  The UAB-developed cooling system reduces energy costs for cooling the house.

UAB surviv(AL) house
Image courtesy of Thomas Kelsey/U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon
The Competition

Houses will be evaluated for their comfort, architecture, affordability, market appeal, appliances, energy balance, and more.  The judges will select the team that combines affordability, appeal, and design with energy production and efficiency.

The house will have to have sufficient energy to power household appliances and charge an electric car.

Vote, Vote Vote!!

Please spread the word and share the – Solar Decathlon  People’s Choice    link.

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate Homecoming!

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