It’s all about your personal best at Pure Fitness in Vestavia


For one Birmingham couple, the goal was to get healthy and to do it together. After researching prospective gyms and personal trainers, only one stood out from the crowd: Pure Fitness in Vestavia. While David and Elizabeth Self committed to forging a new path for themselves, they both admitted that some outside motivation was just what they needed.

Birmingham, Alabama, Vestavia, Pure Fitness, personal training, weight loss, exercise, sponsored
Pure Fitness owner Erin Holtz working with David and Elizabeth Self.

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“We were trying to do better on our own for awhile,” said Elizabeth. “We were attempting to eat better, to go on walks, that sort of thing. But, it just wasn’t enough.”

David wanted to get in shape and to not feel so rundown at work when he was in for a long day.

“My job is sedentary for the most part, but there’s bits and spurts of days when I’m on my feet constantly,” David said. “It’s just one of those things that takes a toll. You have one of those days where you’re on your feet for seven hours, and it feels like you’ve been hit by a truck.”

Birmingham, Alabama, Vestavia, Pure Fitness, personal training, weight loss, exercise, sponsored
David and Elizabeth Self working out at Pure Fitness.
A Perfect Fit

The couple needed something to improve their health, but they wanted to work with someone who could provide some external accountability. So Elizabeth and David emailed Erin Holtz, owner of Pure Fitness, on a Sunday afternoon with questions, and she responded immediately. She told them about the workouts she offered and that Pure Fitness focused on functional training.

“This type of training emphasizes exercises you would do in everyday life,” Holtz said. “We’re teaching you things like how to squat correctly, so that you can pick up your kids the right way.”

Birmingham, Alabama, Vestavia, Pure Fitness, personal training, weight loss, exercise, sponsored
Erin Holtz, owner of Pure Fitness.
Personal Training, Pure Fitness And You

Elizabeth and David have been at Pure Fitness since April, and they’ve already exceeded their personal weight-loss and strength training goals.

The hour-long workouts with cardio, weights and strengthening work for  the couple, who have been paired with their own personal trainer to help them lose weight and gain muscle. But, what really counts, is the personal attention they receive.

Pure Fitness 4.JPG It's all about your personal best at Pure Fitness in Vestavia
Erin with her staff of certified personal trainers.

“Whenever you go in for your training she already has your workout ready,” Elizabeth said. “It’s not a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of thing. The trainers keep the pace up because they’re always so prepared. There’s no lag time.

“You do a lot of whole-body exercises. It’s so nice because they keep track of all of it. You’re not having to count it out, like torture yourself with, ‘I have five more. Oh, I have three more … ‘”

Pure Fitness: More Than Just A Gym

Along with the personal training, Pure Fitness is a boutique gym, offering a group fitness room, massage on site, towels and a shower. Their day and evening classes are small, with 10 to 12 people maximum, so that instructors can spend one-on-one time with clients, fixing their form or pushing each one of them to go just a little further.

There’s also an in-house Pilates instructor, a masseuse and a nutritionist to round out the personal training experience. Clients can book private sessions for both Pilates and massage. The nutritionist offers help with grocery shopping and meal planning.

In addition to the boutique-gym services, Pure Fitness caters to the community by offering quarterly weight-loss challenges throughout the year. From a Summer Sizzle Red Carpet Reveal to the Fit For Fall Challenge, these packages offer six weeks of training, plus nutrition services, weekly meal-planning classes and massage options.

“It’s an extra boost,” Holtz said. “And, a kick start for people. The challenges include those extra amenities at a special price, so that clients and newcomers can experience the complete package while working towards their weight-loss goals.”

Birmingham, Alabama, Vestavia, Pure Fitness, personal training, weight loss, exercise, sponsored
The team at Pure Fitness.
Fitness The Way You Like It

Your fitness goal is up to you, and that’s just the way Elizabeth and David like it. They’ve each lost weight (30 lbs for David and 10 for Elizabeth so far) and gained the know how on eating to maintain their new, healthy lifestyle.

From overcoming injuries to losing after-baby weight, Pure Fitness caters to your specific health and fitness needs by offering personalized workouts for all age groups.

Doing Something Amazing

It’s all been a very enjoyable process,” David said. I know a lot of people might think: Ugh. Starting a diet, working with a dietitian, exercising, training—it’s a lot but, really, it isn’t. It may be more exercise than I’ve done in awhile, but you feel wonderful afterwards. It’s the good kind of fatigue. You feel like, “Yes I did something amazing!”

For more information about Pure Fitness, check out their website by visiting this link. Be sure to email Erin Holtz your questions and to schedule an appointment with her and her staff of trained professionals.

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