A blanket designer, a yoga instructor, and a marketer walk into Forge at The Pizitz

Forge at The Pizitz
Yoga Master, Emilie Maynor, Founder of Elemental Living

A blanket designer, a yoga instructor, and a marketer walk into The Pizitz. What do they have in common? They all work at Forge at The Pizitz!

Forge is the new co-working space inside The Pizitz where independent workers can have an office space within a unique community.

In that unique community, you can find all types of co-workers with a wide array of represented industries and positions. See what we mean by some of our interviews with Forge members.

Forge at The Pizitz
Photo by Kristina O’Quinn for Bham Now

Josh Rhodes – Big Lead Gen, INC. 

Josh Rhodes is the CEO of Big Lead Gen, INC., and his enthusiasm, positivity, and charisma is so contagious that it makes me want to become a salesperson immediately.

At Big Lead, Josh and his team is dedicated to generating sales leads no matter the industry you’re in.

Were you never thrown a “Welcome to the 21st Century of Sales” party? Big Lead will throw you one, and have the coolest party-goers (aka customers and their new leads), too.

Lauren Mary – Lauren Mary Co.

Lauren Mary Weege ([wig-ee], just so you pronounce it right in your mind) is a graphic artist, and her company laurenmary.co allows you to design your own blankets and pillows.

There are over 10,000 possibilities in design options, so you can stay creative for a lifetime and personalize your item down to the literal stitches.

Pro tip: you get a $20 credit by visiting her website and signing up for her email newsletter that contains, quote, “SUPER SECRET SALES”.

Emilie Maynor – Elemental Living

Emilie Maynor offers a service you know you need, you just might not have known that it actually existed.

She’s the one who helps you create the balance of a happy, healthy life without being stressed out about trying to create a happy, healthy life.

Services offered include wellness coaching, nutrition counseling, yoga instruction, and workplace wellness practices.

The best part? It’s totally personalized, because no one can be you, better than you.

Forge at The Pizitz is a membership-based co-working space providing open workspace, private offices, meeting space and a vibrant community for its members.

Forge is an alternative for entrepreneurs, small business owners and independent workers who are currently working from home, looking for community.

Forge at The Pizitz
via Kristina O’Quinn with Bham Now

For more information on Forge or to book a tour, click here. 

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