Headed to see Trump in Huntsville? Who are you supporting for Senator, Birmingham?

On Friday President Trump is making a stop in Huntsville to campaign for “Big Luther” Strange, who is running in a special election against Roy Moore as Alabama’s next U.S. Senator.

What’s this GOP senatorial showdown really all about?

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President Donald Trump and Senator Luther Strange (R-Ala.) . Photo via www.americanthinker.com.

On Tuesday, September 26, Alabama voters will decide who will fill Jeff Session’s former Senate seat during a statewide special election between Roy Moore and Luther Strange.

What You Need To Know
  1. Roy Moore is favored to win Tuesday’s runoff, according to this recent poll. Spoiler alert: it’s a very close call.
    Roy Moore announced that he is seeking Luther Stranges Senate Seat. Photo via Washington Post. Headed to see Trump in Huntsville? Who are you supporting for Senator, Birmingham?
    Roy Moore, via The Washington Post

    Since Moore garnered the most votes (39%) in the August Senate primary but didn’t receive the majority, a runoff is being held between the top two candidates. Senator Luther Strange brought in 31% of the votes.

  2. Yes, Luther Strange is already Alabama’s U.S. Senator. How is that?Former State Attorney General Strange was appointed to the Senate seat by former Governor Robert Bentley, after former Senator Jeff Sessions was appointed to U.S. Attorney General. There’s a lot of “formers” in there, but that’s Alabama politics for ya’. Check out this Bham Now post for the backstory on all that, if you are so inclined.
  3. Who can vote in the runoff?If you voted for a Democrat in August’s special election senate primary, you are not eligible to vote in Tuesday’s Republican runoff. If you did not vote at all in the August election but are registered to vote, you may still vote for a Republican contender on Tuesday.
  4. This runoff election is a big deal. According to Politico, this is “an election that will be held up nationally as a definitive sign of the direction the Republican Party is heading …”
    While Senator Strange is a traditional GOP favorite, Moore is “from its rebellious populist faction”.Moore, the “on-again, off-again state Supreme Court justice,” is also supported by Trump’s former top White House adviser Steve Bannon. President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are pulling for Strange. That’s why this race is considered a real showdown for the GOP, and why it’s made national headlines.
  5. If you want to attend the Strange rally and hear President Trump speak at Huntsville’s Von Braun  Center, you must register for tickets by visiting this link.Doors will open at 4 PM on Friday, September 26, and the event begins at 7 PM. President Trump will deliver remarks on his support for Strange, ad each guest is required to RSVP for all Luther Strange for Senate events, including all adults over age 12. Each attendee must complete a separate registration. Please note that the actual event start times are subject to change due to scheduling logistics.
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