Could Jeff Sessions run for governor in 2018?

If he resigns or is fired, it’s totally possible that U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions could head home and slay the 2018 governor’s race.

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U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, via

State Auditor Jim Zeigler (who is considering a run for governor) told that Sessions would dominate the 2018 governor’s race if he left Washington.

He said Sessions would “be the instant front runner and clear out many candidates.”

Zeigler really thinks Sessions would shut down any hope from other candidates to govern Alabama, including himself.

Jim Zeigler, Alabama, state auditor, politics, Jeff Sessions
Jim Zeigler exploratory committee campaign graphic, via Facebook
“Sessions for governor could possibly scare out Gov. Kay Ivey, Mayor Tommy Battle, Twinkle Cavanaugh, John McMillan and me.  There would likely only be nominal candidates to oppose Sessions.”

He added that Sessions has missed the deadline to run in the upcoming August 15 Senate primary, and that a write-in is unlikely. He said there’s no way he would split the Republican vote, if he could even get the required 35,000 signatures for a write-in vote.

While all of this amounts to political gossip at this point, President Trump has publicly voiced his disappointment with Sessions, and The Washington Post even went so far to say that “Trump’s relentless public humiliation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions was clearly intended to get him to resign.”

Moreover, a firing or resignation doesn’t seem likely at this point—the Senate Judiciary Committee’s schedule is set for 2017 with no spot for a new AG confirmation.

So, while it’s not likely that Sessions will be whistling Dixie anytime soon, there’s is enough speculation there to rattle Zeigler.

Other candidates for governor don’t seem to be paying too much attention to the possibility, either. Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle is in the lead when it comes to raising money, with a $600K  campaign stash for his 2018 gubernatorial bid.

Alabama Public Service Commission Chair Twinkle Cavanaugh is right behind him. She’s raised a little over $582K and State Senator Bill Hightower is right behind her, with $467K in his war chest, according to the Alabama Secretary of State.

Other folks raising campaign money include:

Governor Kay Ivey has not ruled out a run. Lots of big talk and big money for a race set for 2018.

Stay tuned, Birmingham. Especially to your local candidates: Jefferson County Commissioner David Carrington, Birmingham health executive Josh Jones and Shelby county evangelist Scott Dawson have thrown their hats into the ring.


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