10 Must See Bham Tweets about the Bachelorette Season Finale

7 Must See Tweets about the Bachelorette Season Finale
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Yes. I watched the 3-hour season finale. And no I wasn’t alone. Other Birmingham peeps were up late watching Rachel Lindsay, the first African American Bachelorette, make her final decision. Check out these must see tweets from tonight’s episode.

1. But seriously…

2. Thanks ABC for making us feel all the feelings


3. Come on. We are all thinking it.

4. A little sass here and a little sass there

5. Being causally #TeamPeter


6. Surprise! Some people are #TeamEric

7. Quick reminder that no one is #TeamBryan

8. Steel City Pops knows the way to our hearts

9. Honestly, mourning a loss over here


10. Don’t be that guy, ok?


Congratulations, Rachel! Bham apparently loved watching and there was no holding back.

7 Must see Bham Tweets about the Bachelorette Season Finale
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