Barber Motorsports Park, one of many pit stops on 11th annual Bandit Run

The prestigious Barber Motorsports Park will soon host a caravan of 250 Pontiac Trans Ams in an event they call the “2017Bandit Run”.

Come on out, June 20th, to experience one of the many legs of the trip, from Texarkana to Atlanta, celebrating 40 years since the iconic Smoky and The Bandit movie.

Barber Motor Sports Park - Pontiac Trans Ams
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SNOWMAN: Hey Bandit, me and Fred’s got a question.

BANDIT:   What do you and Fred want?

SNOWMAN: How come we’re doing this?

BANDIT:  Well why not?

SNOWMAN:  Well they said it couldn’t be done.   

BANDIT:   That’s the reason son.

SNOWMAN: That’s good with Fred. We’re clear.

The conversation was highlighted in a recent press release from

Bandit Run of Pontiac Trans Ams

According to the announcement, 400+ participants, packed into the classic Pontiac Trans Ams, will be stretched out among at least a mile as they write into Birmingham. The inspiration for this yearly trek spawns from the Smokey and The Bandit movie.

“They leave together from Texarkana on June 17, stop at Barber Motorsports Park on June 20, and arrive in Atlanta the following day…”, the information exclaimed

Barber Motor Sports Park - Pontiac Trans Ams
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Barber Motorsports Park – Coyote Drive-In Movie

First, the drivers will stop at the world famous track to strut their stuff, showing off the polished vehicles at the Show Field.

The beginning of the event is 1 pm and FREE!

In all their glory, these drivers will then head to the Coyote Drive-In Theater and show case the original Smokey and The Bandit movie. Purchase tickets for the movie, and also enjoy a Diablo Sandwich Package which Sheriff Justice ate in the movie; gates opening at 5:30.

Barber Motor Sports Park - Pontiac Trans Ams
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“Bandit Runners will enjoy visiting their world class museum with the world’s largest collection of motorcycles, lots of vintage Lotus and other cars,” said in another announcement.

The Show Field “area will be open to the public as well for free, allowing people to walk around and enjoy the fanfare with the participants. Bandit Runners will also be able to do paced parade laps on the track.”

Camp Quality USA

Although a fun experience for the drivers and admires of these cars and the movie, the Bandit Run is working to give back to those in need.

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Camp Quality USA “serves children with cancer and their families by providing year-round programs, experiences, and companionship at no cost.”

The run is building awareness and appreciate for so much more than just classic cars.

So, you, are you a car lover with a spiffed up Pontiac Trans Am? Well then, join the run!

“Their trip culminates three days later, on June 24, in Atlanta, featuring a meet and greet with the “Bandit” himself, Burt Reynolds.”

Although car enthusiasts are sought after, the general public is more than wanted to have at this annual event! Head on over to our very own world class motorsports park, June 20th, to enjoy community, classics, and cars.

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