Amazon “sortation center” coming to Mobile, AL

Improving the state of Alabama as a whole is the over arching goal for our major cities and local entities. Whatever happens from North Alabama, down to the ports of Mobile, impacts our wonderful State.

That being said, Mobile is in the spotlight today, as news has come out about a new Amazon “sortation center” being established in the port city.

Amazon - Mobile, Alabama
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When an international company, such as Amazon, settles down in a new area, there is bound to be economic impact.

Well, shocker here (not really though), major improvements in infrastructure and hundreds of jobs are coming to a sector of Mobile, due to Amazon’s arrival.

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Mobile, Alabama – Taking Steps Toward Progress

According to, there was a “mum’s the word” ordinance within the internal discussions of Mobile County.

Jerry Carl, the Mobile County commissioner, mentioned the project had been in the works for over a year. Disappointment is the last thing any city government needs, so can you blame them for keeping quiet?

None the less, the word of out and here are the details!

The Amazon sorting center will utilize 362,000 square feet of land, after the $30 million dollars invested in the center is complete.

Amazon uses these massive warehouses to sort deliveries and direct those to specific regions; all the while cutting costs for Amazon.

The centers also allow the international company more operational control over their product.

To say the least, these centers are critical to Amazon’s success. What better place than the Theodore area, off exit 13 of I-10, in the Port City Commerce Park?

Economic Impact of the Amazon Sorting Center

The Amazon sorting center will provide 250 full-time jobs, along with about 1,500 “seasonal jobs”. 

“I’ll tell you, one of the great things about this project is going to be the part-time jobs…”

– Carl exclaimed to

He notes that the facility will be critical to summer jobs for college students living in Mobile.

Receiving the center, from Amazon, did not come easy; hence the fact they kept it secret. About $1.3 million dollars has and will continue to be invested in infrastructure improvements for the area; a requirement from Amazon.

Mobile, Alabama - Amazon
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This not only contributed to the overall fruition of the plan, but also it will impact the area through commerce, in the future.  A business ‘hub effect’ is expected to take place that will drive more business into the area.

So the cat’s out of the bag.

Amazon will soon be shipping product out of Mobile.  This will not only make jobs, and impact infrastructure, but will decrease the time area consumers receive their product.  So, get your Amazon ‘prime’ accounts ready to receive products from Mobile, Alabama!

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