Vulcan is looking fabulous before his 113th Birthday (photos)

Vulcan Birmingham Alabama
Vulcan is looking shiny and happy this Spring morning – photo by Pat Byington

Vulcan definitely looks shiny, happy and fabulous on this pleasant Spring Sunday morning after getting his new coat of paint.

Vulcan “Paint Job” Trivia

From last month’s Bham Now story about Vulcan’s new paint job, here are some Vulcan “painting” facts you can use on your next trivia night competition:

  • Vulcan only need 20 gallons of paint for this latest “paint job.”
  • Vulcan has his own special paint.  In the early 2000s, a paint manufacturer submitted and historic architects approved, a paint formula called Vulcan grey that matches and preserves the historic character of Vulcan.
  • This is the second time Vulcan has been painted since the 2003 installation.
  • It only takes a 3 man crew to paint Vulcan.
  • Vulcan Painters, a local business out of Bessemer has been painting Vulcan since the 1950s.
The Process

The two pictures below  show the work being done over the past two weeks on Vulcan. The first photo was when the painters were “priming” him. The other picture shows off his new paint job.

Vulcan Birmingham Alabama
Photo taken on April 26, 2017 – Photo by Bham Now’s Pat Byington
Vulcan Birmingham Alabama
Photo taken May 6, 2017 – photo by Bham Now’s Pat Byington

More about Vulcan’s new paint job can be found from this Alabama Newscenter video:

Vulcan looks his birthday best after new paint job from Alabama NewsCenter on Vimeo.

Vulcan turning 113 in June

Vulcan is looking fabulous as he approaches his 113th Birthday.  “Forged” in 1904, Vulcan stands 56 feet tall, from toe to spear point, upon a 124-foot pedestal rising to a height of 180 feet. He weighs 101,200 pounds. Vulcan is the largest cast iron statue in the world and the largest metal statue ever made in the United States.

Don’t miss Vulcan’s Birthday Bash on June 4th.

Vulcan Foundation

Also don’t forget to support the Vulcan Foundation whose stewardship of the Vulcan Park and Museum provides high-quality museum tours, educational, cultural experiences for visitors across the country. The Foundation also helps maintain the observation tower, and pays for Vulcan’s annual checkup. They are a “cherished” non-profit organization in the Birmingham community.



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