UAB creates ALPEx program to promote economic development and organizational excellence

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UAB has created the Alabama Performance Excellence Program (ALPEx) which will facilitate and encourage organizational excellence with companies and organizations, a much-needed framework that will further develop competitive businesses.

UAB’s School of Health Professions, Engineering and Collat School of Business teamed up in this venture to promote economic development and organizational excellence. ALPEx will include a one-day orientation program that will provide guidance and support for organizations from around Alabama. The deans of the three UAB schools will form the ALPEx Board of Directors that will facilitate this orientation and provide logistical support for all of the planned educational activities.

“The true value of this program is the increased performance of the organizations, but the awards provide additional impetus and recognition for a job well-done. No matter the organization’s size or industry, the Baldrige Excellence Criteria will allow an organization to achieve its vision, reach its goals, improve results and become more competitive.”

– M. “Mickey” Trimm, Ph.D. director of the Center for the Healthcare Management and Leadership.

So, whom is this program intended? Organizations who wish to pursue improvement in their processes are prime entities. This includes hospitals, manufacturing firms, schools, nonprofit organizations, and other businesses that seek efficiency within their organizations.

Companies that take the time to work on improving their process are likely to be recognized for their efforts via state-level awards and could possibly pursue the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award, a prestigious accomplishment for U.S. companies that have successfully implemented quality management systems

Interested organizations can register for this upcoming event on Friday, April 28th here. It will be conducted at the UAB School of Health Professions Executive Learning Center.

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