Birmingham’s Urban Standard Coffee Shop to reopen April 26th

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Urban Standard to reopen April 24th Birmingham AL Bham Now Update
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Urban Standard might be back on its feet sooner than you think. Find out when you can finally get back to one of your fave coffee stops.

On January 5th of this year, a lot of Bham natives lost their go to coffee shop, study spot, and fave place to grab a bite to eat, after a fire that caused extensive damage. The local coffee shop ended up closing its doors for almost four and a half months.

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Hey everyone, Thanks SO much for your patience during this time. FIRST, a HUGE thank you to Lucy's Coffee and Tea, Crestwood Coffee Company and Btech for their incredible support of our employees. Thanks to these folks and they're incredible generosity, we were able to help cover loss of income due to tip losses for our last pay period. We can't say thank you enough. SO…go visit Lucy's, Crestwood Coffee and see Btech for your IT consulting needs. They're community supporters and we want to support them right back! Second, an update. For those that didn't get the email blast, we're at the stage where tear out and construction can begin on the kitchen. We're really feeling good about how everything has come along and I'm thinking we'll be able to get cracking on this phase in the next week. We have, unfortunately, hit a few snags including the need to replace an HVAC unit and replacing all the drywall in the kitchen, but we really are thinking this will scoot right along once we get approval and can get to work! -Trevor

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Luckily for you, Urban Standard is predicted to open next Wednesday, April 26th at 7:00am! Cue the overcaffeinated crowds filing back in.

In their most recent update on their reconstruction, they offered their deepest gratitude to both the community and other local businesses that stood behind them while they underwent construction. Their gofundme account raised a grand total of $5200 for lost tips for their employees during their time of need, an impressive feat.

Will you be hitting up Urban Standard to welcome them back?

**updated April 20th**

The grand opening date was changed from April 24th to April 26th due to finishing touches being delayed.

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