Plans have changed for redevelopment of former Little Professor and Hatfield Auto location

This past fall, the former locations of Hatfield Auto and Little Professor, in Homewood, were bought by Michael Mouron of Capstone Properties for a new development.

According to the Homewood Star, plans have changed from simple retail parcels and parking spots, to a hotel and mixed-use development.

Redevelopment in Process
via Wade Cline

The availability of parking and open retail spots do not necessarily define downtown Homewood. In the same idea, this site was first meant for 2 new retail locations and 136 parking spots.

However, a greater need fell upon the horizon.

Mouron is reverting back to the original idea, to host a hotel and retail. This may be due to market demand, or simply a practical notion.

Redevelopment next to Wolf Camera
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“Not only does a hotel more appropriately occupy the land, it will bring greater vitality to the site and tens of thousands more overnight visitors to Homewood who will eat, drink and shop in nearby retail establishments…”

– Mouron told the Star

Accordingly, the “small hotel” will feature about 125 rooms, a restaurant and bar inside.

The redevelopment is somewhat negotiable and subject to customization. The lot, housing the mixed-use development, will either have 7,000 sq. feet of space, or 19,000 sq. feet of space (if a parking deck is established).

Property next to Wolf Camera being redeveloped
via Wade Cline

Understandably, this piece of property is quite valuable and to utilize it in the right way is a must. Mouron insured the completion of the project sometime around the summer of 2019.

Although far off, it is important the right development is placed on the property, to continue growing Homewood.

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