Pizza & dessert dates for under $20 in Birmingham

Pizza - Your Pie Birmingham AL
Your Pie – Homewood, AL

Imagine going out on the town with a crisp $20 bill in hand, and spending no more than that in one night. It’s possible, and I’ll let you know how with these pizza and dessert dates in Birmingham. 

First of all, two things you should know about me is that I buy food often, but I am very serious about saving money. I’ve also had a boyfriend for a long time, so our dates usually consist of Hungry Howie’s and the leftover Blue Bell ice cream in the freezer. However, sometimes you just want or need to go on a date where you don’t have to compromise on the Netflix show-of-the-night.

I’m here to save the day and your bank account.

Keep reading to see where to go on a pizza + dessert date for less than $20 in Five Points, Lakeview, Avondale, and Homewood.

Five Points
Pizza: Little Italy’s
Dessert: Dreamland (banana pudding)

For the pizza front, you’ll go to Little Italy’s and grab a slice of cheese for $3. However, the word “slice” is a bit of an understatement because these “slices” are roughly the size of half a whole pizza. If you’re feeling fancy, order pepperoni for only .50 more. 

2 “slices” + tax/tip = ~$9

For dessert, head on over to Dreamland and getchu some of that famous banana pudding. It’s only the right thing to do. Get 2 singles for $2 each, or just get a cup for $4 and Lady and the Tramp that pudding.

Dessert - Dreamland banana pudding Birmingham AL
Dreamland banana pudding. Photo via rachunkie / Foodspotting

Dessert + tax/tip = ~$6

Five Points date night total: ~$15

I’d say you get the most bang for your buck in Five Points. 

Pizza: Slice
Dessert: Hattie B’s (Coke or Root Beer float)

Lakeview has the perfect laid-back atmosphere for a date, but it seems to be the most expensive dating district on the list.

A single pizza at Slice could cost you your whole budget, but I say just order the garlic bread because it’s basically a pizza, anyway. We’re on a budget here, folks. 

Garlic bread “pizza” + tax/tip = ~$13

After that, go to Hattie B’s and share a Coke or Root Beer float.

Float + tax/tip = ~$5

Lakeview date night total: ~$18

Pizza: Post Office Pies
Dessert: MELT (fried Oreos)

Keep it simple at Post Office Pies with a 12″ cheese pizza for $13. Gotta save room for dessert!

Pizza + tax/tip = ~$16

For dessert, walk to Melt and share the 3 for $3 fried Oreos. A picture is worth 1,000 words. 

Fried Oreos + tax/tip = ~$4

Avondale date night total: ~$20

If you’re gonna go slightly over budget anywhere, it will probably be here. But you’ll get a whole pizza and a unique dessert to show for it. 

Pizza: Your Pie
Dessert: Cookie Fix

Your Pie is basically a Subway/Chipotle/Moe’s for pizza, and I didn’t think I would like it as much as I do. I usually get anxious figuring out what to order, and then end up ordering something hastily, but this is a nice fast-casual chain with a homey feel. 

2 personal pizzas = ~$16.50

Walk along the sidewalk in downtown Homewood and find yourself at the quaint-as-all-get-out Cookie Fix. Grab a couple of chocolate chip cookies for ~$4.50. But, truthfully, they’re so rich that you can probably just share one cookie to stay under budget. 

Dessert = ~$2.25-4.50

Homewood date night total: ~$18.75-21

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