7 Dogs you’ll see at every Birmingham Brewery


Birmingham has plenty of breweries to choose from which is quite the blessing for beer drinkers and pet owners alike.

Here in the Magic City, you’ll find all types of doggie personalities, especially when you are out enjoying your favorite brew. Here are some dogs you are bound to see in all of the Bham breweries.

1. The Barker


Some dogs are just a tad bit excitable. (My poodle, for example, is one of them.) There will probably be more than a few dogs with a whole lot of bark while they are on their brewery adventure.

2. The Puppy


Birmingham has no shortage of puppies when it comes to its breweries. Maybe because who wouldn’t want to show off their new bundle of joy? Which is great when you need a puppy fix.

3. The Panter


We live in Alabama. It gets hot. We get hot. So, it isn’t too surprising to see some pups with their tongues out.

4. The Beggar


What pet doesn’t want a bite of whatever you are having? Exactly my point. Of course, there is going to be a little bit of begging especially if there is a yummy food truck around.

5. The Sleeper

You’re probably going to see these lazy pups quite a bit. Who can blame them for taking a snooze while you unwind?

6. The Roamer


YES. I want to pet your dog. NO. They are not bothering me. These dogs are known for being leashless and free. They roam and we love it because now we can pet them as much as we want.

7. The Cat

Breweries aren’t just for dogs. Sometimes, you’ll find a cat (or two) in residence. You are bound to see at least one cat while making your brewery rounds.

Vicky Lewis
Vicky Lewis

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