1MillionCups Bham Presentation – “FutureProof Bama”

As time progresses, technology becomes an increasingly important aspect of our daily lives and careers.

Through this progression, things will change, but is Alabama ready?

Taylor Phillips has set out to prepare & raise social awareness for the state of Alabama around “technological unemployment”.

IMG 1429 1MillionCups Bham Presentation - "FutureProof Bama"
Photo by Wade Cline

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As mentioned, Taylor Phillips, founder of “FutureProof Bama”, is working to prepare the residence of Alabama for a “potential crisis” where jobs may be lost.

Jobs will soon be able to be done autonomously which will knock out many of our everyday workforce.

“What we need to identify is how susceptible jobs are to being replaced.”

– Phillips

He mentions how the interest in AI (Artificial Intelligence) is increasing and many different industries are implementing the advancements.

These innovations will slowly, but surly, lead to unemployement of those who do not innovate with the technology.

FutureProof Bama Mission Statement:

“Educate. Innovate. Keep Alabama Working.”

  • Educate – Worker focused
  • Innovate – Business focus

Phillips sees his non-profit lasting only 10 years. After 10 years, the innovations that have taken place will put America into a totally different spot, employment and otherwise.

He has a 3 part process for the organization, to Educate, Innovate, and keep us working…

IMG 1446 1MillionCups Bham Presentation - "FutureProof Bama"

Year 1
  • Public Awareness
  • Org. Growth – chapters established throughout the state
  • Establish Advisory Board
Year 5
  • Major Event/Conference
  • Mid-Legislation/Policy Push
Year 10
  • End of the process…

Are you ready?

Please give us and Mr. Phillips feed back on his non-profit/initiative!

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