Politician intuition? Alabama lawmaker says Governor Bentley might resign.

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The first state lawmaker to try impeaching the Governor last year now says Robert Bentley is going to resign. Reports are unclear if a Magic 8 Ball was used to make this prediction.

Governor Robert Bentley by Jamie Martin, via the Governor’s office.


WIAT reports that Rep. Ed Henry (R – Hartselle) envisioned a few things on Monday, telling a CBS 42 reporter that if the state House of Representatives advances its articles of impeachment, the governor will resign, “or the impeachment committee will be moving at a very rapid pace.”

Last year House members signed a resolution to impeach the governor after claims about his relationship with former political adviser Rebekah Mason arose. The news surrounding the bawdy allegations  made it all the way up to GQ magazine, as national news outlets have pumped out story after story about how Alabama’s bad-boy Governor was saying some pretty weird things to his former political adviser, among other things.

Governor Robert Bentley and Rebekah Mason. Photo via ABC 33/40.

Rep. Henry’s soothsaying isn’t taken very seriously by CBS 42 political analyst Steve Flowers. He called Henry an “off-the-wall” legislator whose crystal gazing should be taken with a grain of salt. Either way, Governor Bentley can always fall back on that heart ailment of his.

If we are telling fortunes, Bentley could just as conveniently resign for medical reasons.

The Alabama Ethics Commission will meet again April 5, and sure, Bentley could be anticipating bad news. Signs point to yes on that one.

Earlier this month, AL.com reported that the House Judiciary Committee met to ask a “procedural question” related to a possible impeachment.

Committee meetings have stalled since late last year when then-Attorney General Luther Strange said his office was conducting a similar investigation. The ethics investigation should be concluded by late May.


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