March is Women’s History Month: “Still I Rise” is a Must Read

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Sill I Rise by Maya Angelou via

March is Women’s History Month, a time to remember and applaud the works and accomplishments of the amazing women who have come before us and stride alongside us. What better way to celebrate than with a marvelous work by Maya Angelou, a renowned American poet and national treasure.

The book “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou is an inspiring poem that celebrates everything Women’s History Month stands for. The courage of the human spirit is wittingly described in this ode to the power held within oneself. Difficult circumstances are no match for this soul-nourishing piece. Enjoy Angelou’s impressive words that portray the amazing capabilities and strength of the human spirit.

“I love this book and author, due to the fact I find her very inspirational. In this book holds the key to my strength not Phenomenal Woman, which I find an amazing poem, and one of my favourites. And Still I rise, is an amazing example, of how life goes on. I am held, back, I struggle and still I continue, and this should be the motto for each and every woman out there, AND STILL I RISE”

– Kerry Taylor, via GoodReads

“Angelou’s use of language was simple yet powerful, and also nothing short of beautiful, yet not too flowery. The themes in the book were relatable – love, heartbreak, finding a place, subjugation. I have no words, I loved it.”

– Angelin, via GoodReads

The Hardcover copy can be found here with the beautiful paintings of Diego Rivera, a renowned Mexican artist, throughout.

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