Birmingham Bakeries: Part 1

So you want to ruin someone’s diet.  The good news is that this is a great city to cheat on a diet with. The bad news is that you might not know the best spots.  We’re here to help, with a series of guides to bakeries around Birmingham!  (Because if you’re going to cheat on the diet, why not make sure the whole office cheats, too?)  This round, we’re focusing on Downtown – the urban center.

edgar Birmingham Bakeries: Part 1
the view from Edgar’s Bakery – via Yelp

If you work in downtown Birmingham you probably already know about Edgar’s Bakery.  They do breakfast and lunch, and you can sit down to eat if time isn’t an issue.  Expect to find everything from tea to chicken salad to quesadillas to waffles, and it’s all good.  Edgar’s Bakery has a few locations outside Downtown, too.

sb bham breadworks interior 2 5 2015 Birmingham Bakeries: Part 1
Birmingham Breadworks, like the name suggests, opts for a more industrial look – via

Birmingham Breadworks doesn’t just provide pastries for other restaurants, they sell them in their store, too!  Expect pizza, sandwiches, soups, your standard coffee shop pastries turned up to 11, and Octane coffee.

IMG 5516 Birmingham Bakeries: Part 1
Feast and Forest also plays host to Bandit Baking Company – via

The Birmingham-based Bandit Baking Company shares space with Feast and Forest, catering for both people and places.  Their menu is unapologetically Southern Hipster, and that’s a good thing – If you need any more convincing, check out their website and instagram

323946 2NTMY891oXCU P5Tr0vvz gV C9OtX4zpWIvTHLGsHo Birmingham Bakeries: Part 1
The interior of Octane at Uptown – via foursquare

Octane Coffee isn’t a Birmingham original – they started out in Atlanta.  But they do have fantastic coffee, a full bar, and some interesting pastries and sandwiches at each of their locations across Birmingham.  If you order pour-over coffee (and this goes for any place that sells pour-over), expect a bit of a wait.

Stay tunes for more bakery temptations!

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