Jefferson County’s $100 million school tax vote set for March 7

Mark your calendars for March 7, Jefferson county voters. Because that’s the day school officials need voter approval to continue levying two district taxes and two county-wide taxes that provide basic education funding.

The combined taxes produce more than $100 million annually, and that money is shared by each district according to student population.

If you’re headed to the polls, you may be asking: Are these taxes new? And, what exactly is being funded with them?

School Tax Vote Graphci Jefferson County's $100 million school tax vote set for March 7

“This is not a new tax, and we are asking people to vote for the four individual taxes that will be present on their ballot, including two district taxes and two county-wide taxes,” said Jefferson County Superintendent Dr. Craig Pouncey at a February press conference.

The local property taxes were created thirty years ago and help pay for academic programs, facility upgrades and other education needs not covered by state or federal funding, according to Pouncey.

During the February press conference Jefferson County superintendents from 12 school districts also gathered to raise awareness and lay out their messaging campaign to Jefferson County’s 500,000 voters. You may have seen their signs in yards or read about the voting initiative on the Vote March 7th Facebook page or the website.

School Vote Messaging Jefferson County's $100 million school tax vote set for March 7
Messaging provided by the Jefferson County Board of Education via Facebook.

The superintendents are hoping voters will continue the taxes and have been spreading the word across Jefferson County.

“Most of our messaging will be to parents through handouts, flyers and educational materials,” Pouncey said. “There are yard signs which will be placed in parents’ yards, volunteers making phone calls, as well as some school messaging through our internal phone system. Also, there will be knocking on doors and shaking hands of people visiting voters to make awareness universal for our 500,000 voters.”

So, what do you think about continuing taxes for education? Either way, get out there and vote, ya’ll.

To keep up with all scheduled elections in Jefferson County, be sure to visit the Probate Court of Jefferson County online.

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