UAB named as 2017 Green Ribbon School

UAB definitely knows a thing or two about environmental education and reducing environmental impact. That is why they were honored as one of three 2017 Green Ribbon Schools by the U.S. Department of Education.

The Green Ribbon Schools Program is a way for schools that go above and beyond with creating “green” environments to get federal recognition. The goal is to instill schools to strive towards an greener campus. UAB has been doing just that. UAB was also honored by the Alabama State Departement of Education.

Our campus has become a living lab for developing novel pathways to sustainability

– Ray L. Watts, UAB President

UAB became a strong contender after they made their commitment to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 25% in the next 10 years. The goal took to fruition when they installed a 100-panel system above the UAB Campus Recreation Center. They also have introduced new tech to help reduce and measure food waste. Recently, they have introduced additional electric car charging stations as well as a recycling center that is open to faculty, staff, and students. These are just some of the many initiatives they have started on campus.

One of their largest accomplishments was creating the UAB Sustainability Investment Fund. A way for students to truly promote new ideas to help create a more environmentally friendly campus. Getting students involved in helping to reduce the campus’ ecological footprint is a huge stepping stone in their sustainability efforts.

UAB will be recognized on May 11th in Montgomery by both the Alabama State Board of Education and the Alabama Commission on Higher Education.

Vicky Lewis
Vicky Lewis

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