Small Business Monday – Spotlight on 2 Fish And 5 Loaves

Birmingham AL
Temesha and Antonio Washington, owners of 2 Fish and 5 Loaves

Norwood native, Antonio Washington and his wife, Temesha have lived on Norwood Boulevard for nine years.  Antonio’s family has lived in the neighborhood for three generations.  He explains,  “The thing that we enjoy most about Norwood is the park that runs through the neighborhood.  It makes our community a truly walkable place.”

DSC 0249 Small Business Monday - Spotlight on 2 Fish And 5 Loaves
Tomatoes from the REV Birmingham’s Urban Food Project
Wishing to help with the issue of a lack of fresh foods in their neighborhood, they decided to open Norwood’s only grocery, 2 Fish and 5 Loaves.  Antonio states, “We’ve been open for two weeks now and every day is a new experience.” Located at 3000 12th AVE North, the new business employs two local residents in addition to the Washingtons.  They’ve partnered with REV Birmingham’s Urban Food Project to provide fresh fruits, vegetables and local food products.

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We decided on the name of 2 Fish and 5 Loaves because our mission is to supply the community with food that will sustain them and also introduce a lifestyle is centered on peace and love for your fellow man.
DSC 0252 Small Business Monday - Spotlight on 2 Fish And 5 Loaves

Our store carries tuna steak, salmon, catfish, wild caught flounder, uncured bacon, farm fresh eggs (Raised right here in Alabama at Gravel Ridge Farms), organic milk, soy milk, local honey, Southeastern Meat’s pick five, and a host of fruits and vegetables that are mostly grown right here in Alabama.


Birmingham AL
Produce from the REV Birmingham’s Urban Food Project


The most unusual thing that we will offer is alligator.  It is rare to find it at any store, but we will offer it.  I am most proud of our Inland Seafood line because all of the fish is vacuumed sealed and it’s as good three months from now as the day you buy it from us.

Birmingham AL
Antonio and Temesha Washington, owners of 2 Fish and 5 Loaves
The Washingtons aspire to use the capital from their grocery store to acquire property from the land bank and establish activities such as batting cages for the youth of the neighborhood.

The most important thing that I want people to know about 2 Fish and 5 Loaves is that we are locally owned and strive to give back to the community and not take from the community.  Sometimes we, as consumers, become so focused on saving a few cents that we lose sight of the long term affects of not having locally owned business.  If our young people never see or know a business owner then what will inspire them to become one.  If they don’t become one, then the drain on our community continues and all our resources leave home.  The future of Birmingham is bright and it’s getting brighter every day.  We must remember our city is what we make it. So, we aspire to help make it great.
For more information about the Urban Food Project and where to get their fresh produce offerings, visit:
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