Waves of Woodlawn – Sound Edge Festival


Birmingham AL
Rorey Carroll


Music and art fans gathered for the Waves of Woodlawn event on the evening of Friday, February 17 at 55th Place North between 1st Ave N and 1st Ave S in Woodlawn. The event was part of the Alabama Symphony Orchestra’s Sound Edge Festival, held February 10-18. Shops and recording labels opened their doors to host the evening of a diverse offering of musical styles.  Participating business included Communicating Vessels, Club Duquette, Woodlawn Cycle Café, Open Shop, Audiostate 55 and Step Pepper Records.

Birmingham AL
Crowds of music fans mingle on the sidewalk of Step Pepper Records.


Communicating Vessels hosted an installation which featuring a combination of music and digital art projected on the walls, including several music videos from CommVess artists.  Performances included experimental Hip Hop of HypeOtenuse featuring The Green Seed, D. J. Jeff C and Men’s Renewal.

DSC 0529 Waves of Woodlawn - Sound Edge Festival
D. J. Jeff C at Communicating Vessels.

Audiostate 55 gave tours of their state-of-the-art recording studios throughout the evening. Dr. Henry Panion III, owner of the company, is a producer, composer, arranger, orchestrator, conductor, and educator.  Hundreds of children receive musical engineering training every year through programs at Audiostate 55.

Birmingham AL
Dr. Henry Panion leading a tour of his business, Audiostate 55.

DIY label Step Pepper Records, in business for six years, hosted an evening of experimental underground music artists, including Television Romeo, Balcony View, Tyler Ambrosius, Spores, In Snow and Farris & Fahy. Festival patrons experience the intersection of music and technology, sight and sound, with live music and digital art installations.

Birmingham AL
Chance Bridges, performing as Balcony View at Step Pepper Records.

This musical street party was hopping way past the time anyone would have expected to be out in Woodlawn just a few short years ago.  Festivals such as Waves of Woodlawn – Sound Edge Festival continue to showcase the talents and resources Woodlawn has to offer Birmingham.  As Woodlawn’s revival continues, expect more festivals such as this, that local residents can walk to, just like they did last night.

Birmingham AL
Duquette Johnston, right, of Club Duquette.
Birmingham AL
Festival attendees spilled out onto the sidewalks all along 55th Place.
Birmingham AL
Tonya Bailey and Dr. Gloria Y. Son, newfound friends via the Sound Edge Festival.
Birmingham AL
Rorey Carroll, performing with her band at Club Duquette.
Birmingham AL
Chance Bridges of Balcony View, performing at Step Pepper Records.
Birmingham AL
Audiostate 55 Studios


Find out more about the venues and artists at the following links:

Step Pepper Records – http://www.lewiscommunications.com/step-pepper-five-years-musical-artifacts/

Club Duquette – https://www.facebook.com/clubduquette/

Audiostate 55 – http://www.audiostate55.com/

Communicating Vessels – http://communicatingvessels.com/

Rorey Carroll – https://www.facebook.com/roreycarroll/

The Green Seed – https://www.facebook.com/thegreenseed/



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