Meet Your Neighbors, Learn Some Things.

Attention, Birmingham!

Hear, ye! Hark! And so on! There are some excellent events taking place next week and I am politely asking you, no… I am begging you to go. They’re important.

It is Islam Awareness Week. It comes at a vital time.

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The Muslim Student Association is hosting a series of events next week on Islam and feminism and interfaith relations, followed by a lunch on Friday. The calendar is on the Facebook page.
Speakers are graduate students of UAB and food will be offered. I’m not going to say go for the food. But I’ve been to some of the UAB MSA events and I’m not going to tell you to not go for the food, either.

The interfaith event in particular is of interest as it’s not very common in Birmingham to find an interfaith discussion not facilitated by a Christian group.

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And on Sunday, the 26th, the Hoover Crescent Islamic Center is hosting an open house. There are guided tours of the center and a series of mini-classes about the basics of Islam and Islam in America with Q&A sessions at the end.
All of the events mentioned are free.

And as mentioned, the food, just…ugh. It’s so good, ya’ll.

Liz Brody
Liz Brody

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