Summer 2018, Five Points South will have its own Social House

Think of Five Points South.

It’s growing with food, bars, and hangouts. For some time, the area has been hoppin’, and it certainly isn’t slowing down.  This historic Birmingham neighborhood was one of Birmingham’s first streetcar suburbs. The Elyton Land Company, established a streetcar line that connected “Highland” with downtown.  So, it has always been on the leading edge of movement.

Some time later this year, a social house, (bowling concept if you will) is being planned by Orchestra Partners.

A look at Punch Bowl Social in Denver, Colorado. A similar concept is coming to Birmingham's Five Points South district.
One of the best examples to mirror the new concept to is the Punch Bowl Social in Denver. Courtesy of Kathleen Lavine

The local development firm has planned the location to be on 20th st. South at the old Bailey Brothers location, between the new Homewood Suites Hotel and Five Points Hardware.

UPDATE  10/31/17

Construction has begun, and the new addition to Five Points is set to open in Summer 2018.

Orchestra Partners provided an update on their Facebook page detailing plans for food, gaming, and parking.

As for food, the owners of El Barrio Restaurante and Paramount Bham, have been tapped to help out with the offerings “because they’re great guys and they’re already known for their creative and customer-driven dining and gaming experience.” 

The kitchen will be inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, grounded in Southern tradition. Food sourcing will be local, humane, and hormone/antibiotic free. The bar will serve a wide array of local and regional draft beer, wine, and a refreshing cocktail menu, and other refreshments.

Word is that another rooftop bar will be in our graces, too.

The bar plus restaurant plus bowling alley will have multiple games inside, like table tennis, shuffleboard, foosball, and other group games for all ages. Not into games? That’s cool. There will be a comfy spectator seating area available for those who’d rather people watch.

Orchestra Partners is not planning on creating more parking for the social house. Instead, patrons will be referred to the Pickwick parking deck across the street. Per a Facebook comment from OP, the deck is often “50-75% vacant” on an average day and if the demand exceeds the supply, OP “will work with the neighborhood and city to alleviate that need.”

Pro tip: Pickwick parking deck is only $3 for an entire day (!!) and free on Sundays. Street parking is always an option, too.

Read the full update from Orchestra Partners below:

Right in the heart of Five Points!  I’d say this is quite strategic, but you can call me Captain Obvious.

Talking with John Boone, Co-Founder of Orchestra Partners, Bham Now found out some very cool details!

“The building is perfect for a concept like this.

It’s about 16,000 sf, plenty of room for group games like bocce and shuffleboard, plus the restaurant/bar and patio areas.

The length of bowling lanes requires a long building like ours, and the open layout of the interior has really simplified our design.”

If you’ve been to 5 Points, you’ve seen this one.
Unfortunately, I cannot provide any pictures of the development, considering it is in concept phase, but I bet you can use that vast imagination of yours.

If you’ve spent time in the heart of Five Points South, your confidence in the success of new businesses thriving in the area might not be high, but Orchestra Partners is optimistic.

“We’re timing this project with the 130th Anniversary of Five Points South…

This celebration will mark the beginning of an 18-month master plan for the neighborhood, which is being developed by the Five Points Alliance together with UAB, REV, and the City of Birmingham.

The impact that this project will have in conjunction with other developments in the area will be tremendous.”

– Boone told the BBJ

Although companies such as World of Beer and Fuego have closed in the area, the market simply demands another type of entertainment.

The firm has looked at trends in similar markets and the concept has done very well.  Personally, I’m looking forward to putting on my bowling shoes.

Stay tuned for more news on the matter coming soon.

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