Fleetio CEO talks to Local Entrepreneurs at Startup Grind Birmingham

Startup Grind is a national organization which sets up chapters in cities across the country for today’s entrepreneurs. We have our own group here in the Magic City – Startup Grind Birmingham.

IMG 0369 Fleetio CEO talks to Local Entrepreneurs at Startup Grind Birmingham

Monthly, at the Innovation Depot, local entrepreneurs gather together to gain insight into best practices and to network their way into the “startup tech eco-system.”

Last month, Startup Birmingham launched the year off right with a well known startup mentor in Birmingham, Fleetio’s CEO Tony Summerville.

Startup Grind’s  goal is to expose/connect local entrepreneurs to those who  have established startups and have been in the space for some time.

IMG 0348 e1486087864941 Fleetio CEO talks to Local Entrepreneurs at Startup Grind Birmingham

A Bham Now Special – Startup Grind videos

Below are videos of Tony Summerville, Founder & CEO of Fleetio, at last month’s Startup Grind Birmingham.  He talked about his journey as an entrepreneur and answered questions about his years in the startup eco-system.

Understanding his love for technology and his aptitude of noticing what looks good on websites, Tony clearly had a hold on design.

Unfortunately, working at Regions was not allowing him to expose that knack.

After sometime, Summerville began working at Daxko. He slowly moved up to being product manager where he got a taste of being in management.

“A lot of people say the product managers become CEO of the product and that rings true for a lot of reasons.”

– Tony

Being product manager at Daxko lead him to understand what it really takes to start something from scratch.

He always wanted to start his own business, but quickly realized the lack of time he had while working at Daxko and trying to start something on the side.

Realizing he needed to venture out on his own, Fleetio was eventually born.

Fleetio is a web platform that helps companies with their fleet operations. Any company that uses company fleet vehicles would use the app to help organize day to day processes.

Building a startup takes hard work and through that time Tony has learned many valuable lessons…

Being the founder of a successful startup, he has also been given the opportunity to be a mentor to rising startup founders working at the Velocity Accelerator.

Knowing what Fleetio is about, let’s hear what is currently in the works for the company.

So there ya have it!

Tony Summerville simply explains that the road of an entrepreneur is not easy. It is made up of difficult decisions everyday – but make sure to follow your passion.

Thank you Tony for your inspiring words!

Startup Grind Birmingham is open to the public with interview sessions once a month.

Come join us next time!

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