From Stage 4 to Stage 2 – Surcharges no Longer Apply

The Birmingham Water Works Board deemed the drought to be so severe, that a stage 4 warning was set in place, creating surcharges for those residents who exceeded certain amounts of water usage…

As of yesterday, surcharges do not apply!

A dried up Lake Purdy – provided by WBRC

The drought of late 2016 will go down as, well let’s just say, pretty bad.

Wildfires across Alabama, and other southern states, wrecked havoc like we southerns have not experienced in quite some time. I, for one, have never experienced anything like it before.

Surcharges for excess water usage seemed quite appropriate.

From Stage 4 to Stage 2 – Surcharges no Longer Apply
Lake Purdy – Photo by Rachael Callahan – check her pictures of Birmingham on the link! 

Locals changed their water usage habits either because we were truly concerned about the drought or because we just have a disdain for surcharges.

 “The customers of BWW really listened to the messages to reduce their usage…”

– Darryl Jones, Assistant General Manager, said in a release

As you can tell, in pictures above, Lake Purdy was the topic of some discussion and amazement as it continued to look like a waste land.

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Lake Levels:
  • One of the lowest levels – 26.2%
  • January 23rd – 54.6%

Thanks to the rain, the lake is filling back up, and the Birmingham Water Works Board sees no more use to reach deeper into our pocket books.

“This is the time of year that customers typically use the least amount of water, especially for outdoor purposes…

Therefore, remaining at the Stage 4 phase of the DMP during this time of year is no longer an advantage as a water management strategy.”

– Darryl Jones said in the release


We are still in a drought, but now at stage 2. Surcharges have been lifted, but continue to stay tuned in.

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