Birmingham to D.C. Here we come!

Hundreds of Birmingham women, men and children are on their way to our nation’s capitol for the Women’s March on Washington, tomorrow, Saturday, January 21. Whether by car, plane, bus, with personal funds or on scholarship, they’re all packed and headed out to make a stand for their beliefs in women’s rights.

DSC 1083 Birmingham to D.C. Here we come!
Washington protest marchers wait to board a departing bus.

edit DSC 1074 Birmingham to D.C. Here we come!
Chris, Avery and Peggy Biga with their march signs.

The Biga family, Chris, Peggy, and their ten-year-old son, Avery headed to the Birmingham International Airport this afternoon.  Peggy explains, “I knew that whatever happened with the election, I wanted to be there.  We will stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters for equal rights for all! We WILL be heard!”

edit DSC 1051 Birmingham to D.C. Here we come!
Mindy Santo as she departs for the bus.

Mindy Santo got a seat on one of many busses leaving Alabama today.  She exclaimed, “The feeling is electric!” and bounded down the steps of her home to be a part of history.

edit DSC 1080 Birmingham to D.C. Here we come!
Katie Elkins and her son, Milo

Katie Elkins and her son, Milo, boarded a bus near Sloss furnaces, for an overnight ride to Washington.  The trip is straight through, only stopping to let the passengers off once they reach the march area in D.C.  Each passenger packed their own food in addition to clothing and essentials.

edit DSC 1098 Birmingham to D.C. Here we come!
The last passengers are checked in with the official list as the last light leaves the Birmingham horizon.

Marchers settled in for the long overnight ride to Washington, catching up with friends and making the acquaintance of those they are certain to know more closely by the time they return to Birmingham on Sunday.

edit DSC 1137 Birmingham to D.C. Here we come!

Stay tuned to Bham Now.  We will be sharing photos and updates from D.C. and our own Kelly Ingram Park.

More info on the event available at Women’s March on Washington -Alabama Facebook page

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