5 Reasons you should be going to Bham’s Winter Restaurant Week

Winter Restaurant Week is only two days away! With over 25 participating restaurants, you’ll see some of your favorites eateries showing off their favorite dishes. Don’t know if you’ll be trying it out? Here are 5 reasons you should be taking advantage of these deals.

1. You can get a 2-3 course meal for a great price

Reasons you should attend the Winter Restaurant WEek
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2. You can try that new restaurant you’ve been wanting to check out

REasons to go to Bham Restaurant Week
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3. You’ll see food like this:


and this:


4. It’s 10 days of deals at 25+ restaurants

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5. Lunch AND Dinner Menus start at $10

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No Catch! The goal is to support local business and help promote Bham’s unique food scene.

So, what do you say, think you’ll attend?

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