1MillionCups B’ham, Jan. 11th, Presentation

1Million Cups Birmingham is an organization, hosted in the Innovation Depot UAB iLab, connected to the Kauffman Foundation, which allows local entrepreneurs the chance to practice pitching their ideas in front of an audience, then to gather feedback from other entrepreneurs.

This is not a funding opportunity, but instead an educational resource that caters to all types of new businesses (entrepreneurs).

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Today, January 11th, Wesley Nelson, a student from UAB’s Collegiate School of Business, presented his app. idea (model) which is somewhat compared to the app. Waze.

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“Our app, ppl, is a way for students to be better connected to accurate information about the things going on around their campus.

The app will feature a map where pins, with a variety of symbols and colors, will mark where events are taking place. Students are able to mark events or various other things that they see in order to allow others to be aware of them.”

– Wesley Nelson, co-founder of “ppl”


Check out the full presentation!

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