UAB’s Sam Hunt is Engaged

UAB Quarterback turned Country Star, Sam Hunt, has officially confirmed his engagement to long-term girlfriend Hanna Lee Fowler.

Known for his 2014 debut platinum-selling album, “Montevallo,” Sam Hunt seemed to become a sensation overnight. People all across the world were listening to his music. The album, named after his fiance/muse’s hometown, included hit songs “House Party” and Leave the Night On.”

Hunt met his now fiance around the time he attended UAB. Fowler and he have been together for 10 years. His newest song named “Drinkin’ Too Much” debuted around the time of the engagement. In his song, he apologizes for sharing too many private details about their relationships in his songs.

We can probably assume she accepted the apology along with his proposal. Congrats to these two.

Vicky Lewis
Vicky Lewis

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