Freedom Manor Building to be Renovated

Every type of business is benefiting from the eagerness of developers to renovate downtown Birmingham.

Each piece of news to hit your fingers on Birmingham’s growth, although maybe small, continues to point towards a major comeback by the Magic City.

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Today, the Housing Authority of the Birmingham District talked about renovations set for the interior and exterior of the Freedom Manor building – It currently caters housing to seniors.

Located at 1631 5th Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203, the building currently caters housing to seniors. The project set to up the value and overall use of the “Manor” will cost about $4 Million.

Z Freedom Manor Building to be Renovated

Renovation Details on the Interior & Exterior:
  • New Facade
  • Upgrades on 103 apartment units
  • New Security System
  • Improvements Toward Common Areas

2H Design will work with HABD on the upgrades and improvements!

Freedom Manor Building to be Renovated
Michael O. Lundy – Photo By: The Birmingham Times

“When this is done, we going to have a beautiful new place, both for our seniors to enjoy, and also building that contributes to the character and growing vibrancy of this historic part of downtown…”

Michael O. Lundy, CEO of HABD, told the BBJ

Not only will the aesthetic improve the overall look of the building and the surrounding areas, but living improvements are needed for the residents of the Freedom Manor.

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