Generosity: Rojo community fundraising tops $26,000 in 2016

Rojo Birmingham
Rojo owners Laney DeJonge and Clark Lopez

Almost every Tuesday, Rojo, a neighborhood restaurant in the Highlands Park area, holds a 10% Tuesday night for local charities.

As the 2016 calendar year comes to an end, more than 40 nonprofit organizations have benefited from the weekly events, raising over $26,000.  

Some of the recipients of the Tuesday night fundraising efforts have been AIDS Alabama, Friends of Rickwood Field, Coosa Riverkeeper, Birmingham Audubon Society, Art Walk, Growing Kings and NAMI Birmingham.

Rojo co-owner Laney DeJonge recently described to Bham Now why  she and fellow co-owner Clark Lopez choose to hold so many fundraisers for the community.

“I feel like Clark  and I live here, and we benefit when local charity organizations thrive. We feel it is important to use our place, to give a space to local organizations to do outreach.  There are lots of people who might not know that these organizations exist until they see them face to face.

It’s more than the money.  The groups meet new people, enlist volunteers. They build relationships.”

Making a difference.

According to DeJonge, Rojo will continue its 10% Tuesday weekly events in 2017 and will be on the lookout for additional creative ways to help support the community. For example, just recently, they raised awareness and funds  addressing the drought.

The tradition continues

Rojo’s inaugural 2017  10% Tuesday is scheduled for January 10th, benefiting the Alabama Environmental Council, one of the state’s oldest conservation organizations and the leader in recycling efforts in Birmingham and statewide. That evening, at Rojo, the AEC will also be “kicking off”  their year-long 50th anniversary celebration.

To learn more about Rojo’s great food, future 2017 10% Tuesday events and weekly activities, check out  Rojo’s facebook page throughout the new year.






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