New Residential Spaces set for Southside

A high demand for business spaces, within downtown, is raising demand for living units among populated areas.

UAB, being quite the central location in terms of populous on southside, will soon receive brand new apartment units to continue many developers wishes to keep consumers in the Magic City.

Photo By: Christopher Architecture
Photo By: Christopher Architecture

Chris Reebals – President of Christopher Architecture & Interiorsspoke with the BBJ.

…the building is being designed to emulate a revived warehouse property.

– Brent Godwin

Details on the Building:
  • Tall, Exposed ceiling Trusses
  • Wood and masonry Interior Walls
  • Large Steel Windows & Doors
  • Large Balconies
  • Concrete & Steel Counter Tops
  • Polished Concrete Floors

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  • 3 four-bed and bathroom units
  • 4 three-bed and bathroom units
  • 4 two-bed and bathroom units

As mentioned, many developers are hopeful that new developments in residential and commercial use will continue to spur growth in the Magic City.

…he hopes the architectural design of the project will help spark more redevelopment momentum and infill opportunities in and around Southside.

Reebals told the BBJ

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