Apparel with a Passion for Keeping it Local – Birmingham Patch Work

Take a good look into the business scene in Birmingham, and you will see startups by the hundreds, revitalizing companies, and buildings getting an upgrade.

In terms of startups, here’s one you ought to be wearing…
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Photo By: BPW

Seeking out co-founder, Ben Blackburn, I gathered info about Bham’s newest and possibly hippest apparel company yet – Birmingham Patch work

When & Where did Birmingham Patch Work Begin?

“Birmingham Patch Work was founded in the late summer/early fall of 2016, in Birmingham. The dream for it began in the early summer, and our feet hit the ground running around early September.”

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Founding Partners:

The founding partners of Birmingham Patch Work are Ben Blackburn and Brian Craig.

Ben Blackburn
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Brian Craig

Ben is from Birmingham and has grown up in Birmingham his entire life. He is currently a senior at Samford university, studying graphic design. Brian is originally from Huntsville, AL where he grew up. He’s currently a junior at Samford University, studying graphic design.

Why did y’all want to start BPW?

“Both Ben and Brian have a love for various apparel companies and the design that goes into them. After brainstorming and tossing the idea around, they decided there was nothing stopping them from putting the ideas about Birmingham staples into print and marketing them. Birmingham Patch Work is the product of their love for minimal design the great city of Birmingham and it’s many iconic landmarks.”

Mission Statement:

“Birmingham Patch Work exists to create various designs and apparel that highlight iconic Birmingham locations. We appreciate skillful design and feel that using our skills is a great way to show appreciation for some of the city’s favorite landmarks.”

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Product Info:

Currently BPW sells shirts, pins, and hats, and plans to venture into other apparel and expand on the various designs they have as the company grows. One of the things that makes them unique is the focus on iconic locations in Birmingham. The Red Mountain Pocket Tee’s are one of the first location specific designs and has been very popular.


Why Birmingham and how can BPW Benefit the City?

“We think Birmingham Patch Work is great for Birmingham because the city is where we call home and it has many iconic locations that we can highlight. Our products give people the opportunity to represent their city and the landmarks that make it great.

Our products give Birmingham natives the opportunity to support and represent their thriving city.

We target people who are from, or residing in Birmingham, those who love the city, and who want to represent the places that make it special. ”

5 year from now…

“We’d love to keep growing and producing more designs and products that highlight Birmingham. We also have friends and customers in other cities that love the designs and we hope to expand to other cities and create iconic apparel highlighting those cities.”

More Pics of the Specialty products!

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