Why these prominent business leaders are so disappointed.

Temple Tutwiler III and Dixon Brooke
Temple Tutwiler III and Dixon Brooke

Over the past few weeks, Bham Now has published three installments on the I20/59 highway situation.  These included:

Part 1: Why you should care about I20/59

Part 2: Decisions about I20/59 will impact neighborhoods and business potential

Part 3: This is what I20/59 could look like  showing examples of successful sunken highway structures in Dallas and Atlanta where life and industry has flourished on the ‘cap’ of the highway structure.  It is important to see the visuals to understand the concept.

The Birmingham blog, Comebacktown, has now published the voice of two prominent business leaders, Dixon Brooke and Temple Tutwiler, III, telling why they are so disappointed in the recent dismissal of a lawsuit against ALDOT.

We are disappointed in Judge Ott’s recent ruling in favor of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) regarding the rebuilding of I20/59.

While the plaintiffs lose this round, it’s the citizens of Birmingham who are the true losers.  It is a sad day for our community to have such a huge missed opportunity to make our community better for everyone.

Birmingham is the economic engine of the State, so one can only wonder why ALDOT refuses to even consider the significant economic impact and consequences this project has on our community for the next 50 years. How ironic and sad for our community to miss on all the advantages offered by lowering this roadway when the estimated cost to lower it is reportedly very similar to ALDOTs vastly expanded plan.

If you believe Alabama needs to seriously consider alternatives for the I20/59 highway structure, it is important that you voice your opinion to  John Cooper asap.

John R. Cooper, Transportation Director
ALDOT Administrative Office
P.O. Box 303050
Montgomery, AL  36110

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