Try these updated recipes for all that leftover turkey

While you are gearing up for the Iron Bowl tomorrow and wondering what you’ll eat, we have a suggestion.  Turkey!  You know you have it. You know you are going to eat it.  All that leftover turkey means so many recipe possibilities!

Good Gravy
In my family we have a turkey-sandwich making competition on the day after Thanksgiving. We take slices of bread and pile them high with our favorite concoctions: macaroni and cheese and gravy, dressing and cranberry sauce and gravy, green-bean casserole and mashed potatoes and cheese and gravy. All with turkey right on top. And more gravy. I cannot tell a lie.  We are gravy crazy.

Art by Chic Young/King Syndicate
Art by Chic Young/King Syndicate

After constructing our heart-attack hoagies, we sample the offerings and vote for a winner. The prize is a bottle of Tums.

If this tradition doesn’t sound like fun to you, that’s OK. We’re a rowdy bunch with easy-to-please palettes, competitive spirits and constitutions of steel. I’ve decided that we must be descendants of Dagwood and Blondie.

Sandwiches may not be your thing, so forget them! Go on and forget about chili and tetrazzini, too. It’s time to update your leftover turkey recipes with some new additions:

    1. Coronation Turkey
      Unless you are a Brit living here in the US, you may not be familiar with Coronation Chicken, a classic recipe that was developed for “the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II as a representation of the colonial nature of the British Empire that includes fruit, curry, and mayonnaise.” This British recipe can be modified with turkey, and makes an easy curried snack that’s perfect on crackers or with raw veggies.

      Photo by British Turkey
      Photo by British Turkey

      2. Southwestern Turkey-Orzo Soup
      This recipe by Rebecca Gordon features Southwestern flavors prepared in a healthy, light soup. I prefer to cook the orzo (or any pasta or rice that goes in soup) separately. That way you can control the amount of orzo that goes into each bowl or serve it pasta free.

      Photo courtesy of
      Photo courtesy of

      3.  Turkey Arepas
      These pockets of corn-cake deliciousness are a Latin-American delight. Arepas can be stuffed with just about anything. You can find Arepa flour at a Hispanic grocery store, like Mi Pueblo on Green Springs Highway. This recipe from Cooking Light can be modified with your favorite turkey filling. You could even stuff them with with Coronation Turkey recipe above!

      Photo by Cooking Light

      We at Bham Now hope you enjoy your leftovers made new again.  And, regardless of who whether you’re pulling for the Tide or Tigers, you’ll be well fed.  Enjoy.

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