Case of Brain Bleed due to Energy Drinks at UAB

Courtesy of University Hospitals

After 15 minutes of consuming a popular energy drink, a 57-year-old man reported symptoms of distress. He had developed an intracranial hemorrhage, which may be directly linked to the energy drink he consumed.

He was transferred from a local emergency room to the stroke unit at UAB where he reported symptoms of tingling and numbness in his right arm and leg and shakiness of movement.

The drink was no different from other energy drinks. It contained a high level of caffeine, several supplements and other ingredients that are associated with increases in blood pressure. With this particular patient, he had a history of elevated blood pressure and was at increased risk for vascular disease.

I am not anti-energy drink, In fact, I use them myself on occasion. But I strongly urge consumers to read the label and be informed. Don’t take unnecessary risks with your health. There is potential for a serious outcome.

– Anand Venkatraman, M.D., fourth-year resident in the Department of Neurology at UAB

Overall, the ingredients and compounds that interact in energy drinks are not fully understood and should be treated as so. Venkatraman believes if you are consuming energy drinks you need to be fully aware of the ingredients they are being exposed to and check with their physician if they have questions, especially if you have underlying health problems.

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