7 Decades of Success Coming to a Close – Rogers Trading Co.

Imagine closing up shop after 70 years of success and prominence in the community.

Lee Rogoff, owner of Rogers Trading Company, has made the final decision – you and the business will be missed.
Photo By: Rogers Trading Co.

Located behind Logan’s Roadhouse on U.S. 280, the infamous hunting and fishing store has been behind Mr. Rogoff’s ownership for 45 years.

“I decided to retire, so we’re going to run a retirement sale, and it’s going to start next Thursday [Nov. 17],” Rogoff said. “And how long it runs? You don’t know with these things.”

– Lee Rogoff told 280living

Photo By: Sydney Cromwell
Photo By: Sydney Cromwell
Businesses come and go, but the legacy left behind will for many years be remembered; in this case, I am sure 280 residents won’t for get this relic…

Imagine, the business, although transformed from an Army/Navy store downtown into an outdoors store to focus on the demand at hand, has been around since 280 was a two lane road to the beach.

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