How to help find forever homes for the furries!

Photo by MomaKat Rescue
Photo by MomaKat Rescue

If you’re looking for a new puppy dog or kitty pal this holiday season, whether for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, be sure to give our local animals a chance to come home with you!

The Birmingham metro area and beyond is home to a handful of animal adoption options that are full of friends looking for their forever homes.

According to People Magazine, now is the the time to adopt a pet, because, you know, well, cuteness and snuggles never go out of style. Not to mention, adopting a furry friend now means they’ll have plenty of time to get adjusted to your holiday routine.
 While Animal Shelters celebrated their own week recently, it’s never too late to learn about this vital community service that provides both refuge for stray animals and a preventative health service for the city. The following organizations are available to answer your questions and offer assistance in your pet adoption adventure.

If you’re looking to adopt a pet locally, here are resources for you:

  1. Alabama Animal Adoption Society
    Address: 2808 Crescent Ave, Birmingham, AL 35209
    Phone:(205) 871-6351
  2. Crossing Paths Animal Rescue
    Address: 210 Deaderv Road, Birmingham, AL 35233
    Phone:(205) 363-0576
  3. Greater Birmingham Humane Society
    Address: 300 Snow Dr, Birmingham, AL 35209
    Phone:(205) 942-1211
  4. Shelby Humane Society
    Address: 381 McDow Rd, Columbiana, AL 35051
    Phone:(205) 669-3916
  5. MomaKat Rescue
    Address: 2012 Knollwood Pl, Birmingham, AL 35242
    Phone:(205) 821-5401

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