A Simple Guide to the 14 Statewide Amendments on your ballot

There is more to your ballot than just our presidential candidates. Between District Court Judges and voting on our US senator, you will have 14 statewide amendments to attend to. Don’t look down on November 8th and not know what you are voting on. Here is a simplified guide to your 14 Statewide Amendments.

Simple Guide to Alabama Amendments

Statewide Amendment 1

This amendment would add an additional two members “at large” to the Auburn University Board. This would also change the length of the trustees’ terms so that only three will expire in a given year.

Auburn Board of Directors

Statewide Amendment 2

This amendment will prevent the Legislature from spending money generated by our state parks on anything but the support, upkeep, and maintenance of the parks. This amendment is capped at $50 million and any money raised above that will be put into a general fund.

For more information, check out this Bham Now article.

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Statewide Amendment 3

This amendment would change how a proposed constitutional amendment should be voted on, allowing only voters of the local community on a proposal that directly affects them and not the entire state.

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Statewide Amendment 4

This amendment would not apply to Jefferson County. It would allow County Commissioners the ability to adopt certain programs such as county personnel, litter-free public roads and public property, county offices, public transportation, safety on public roads, county offices and emergency assistance without asking permission from the Legislature or requiring a vote of the citizens. Don’t worry their power excludes imposing new taxes or fee or changing up your existing taxes and fees.


Statewide Amendment 5

This amendment proposes some rewording/reorganizing updates in some sections of the 1901 Alabama Constitution that specifically deal with the distribution of power in the State gov. The outdated language includes an update from “branches” and “body of magistracy” to “departments.”

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Statewide Amendment 6

This amendment updates the impeachment rules of our public officials. The number of votes are not currently specified in our Consitution and would now require a two-thirds majority vote of the Alabama Senate to be removed from office.

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Statewide Amendment 7

This amendment only applies to Etowah County. It changes the placement of the employees of the Etowah County Sheriff’s Office under the Personnel Board of the Office of the Sheriff of Etowah County, which was created in 2015.

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Statewide Amendment 8

This an addition of “Right to Work” laws to our Alabama Constitution, guaranteeing that employees have the freedom of union membership status and it will not affect their ability to be hired for a position.

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Statewide Amendment 9

This amendment would change the maximum elected age of the Probate Judge of Pickens County to be raised from 70  to 75. It will not change the elected age for judges statewide.

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Statewide Amendment 10

This amendment pertains to Calhoun County. It will no longer allow police forces or planning jurisdictions to extend into Calhoun County that are not located completely or partially in their county.

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Statewide Amendment 11

This amendment will allow the “Major 21st Century Zone” head honchos to be able to sell their properties below fair market value to attract economic development.







Statewide Amendment 12

Baldwin County wants to create and incorporate toll roads and bridge authority, this amendment will authorize a permit to do so.

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Statewide Amendment 13

This amendment will prohibit maximum age restrictions for all future elected or appointed state officials except for state judges.


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Statewide Amendment 14 

This amendment will approve the changes from “3/5 members of the house present” to “3/5 members of the house present and voting” for “budget isolation resolutions.” This will require fewer votes than the former House rule.

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If you have any further questions on amendments and their direct effects, here are a few links to help you with your research.

  • http://parcalabama.org/
  • http://birminghamwatch.org/
  • Vote411.org

Now off you go to vote and make good decisions.

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