5 Reasons you should try Bham’s Garage Cafe

The Garage Cafe is a hidden gem near UAB’s campus. It is a classicly different Birmingham eatery that will leave you begging for more. If you have yet to check it out here are 5 reasons you should.

  1. Their outdoor seating is unreal.


The patio is the place to be, especially in the warmer months. Surrounded by green spaces and a chill atmosphere you’ll be sure to enjoy your meal.


2. Their food is unforgettable

Simple and delicious. This won’t be a meal you will soon forget. From sandwiches to soups and salads, this should be your go-to place for a great meal.


3. Their decor is on point.

This cafe threw traditional out the window where decor is concerned. With climbing vines, hanging plants galore, vintage antiques you will truly feel the unique energy of this awesome establishment.


4. They have a stellar collection of local and unique beers.

From Trim Tab Favorites to my personal favorite, the Westbrook Gose, this cafe has quite a collection. This place is another beer drinking paradise in Birmingham.

5. It is the perfect place to chow down with friends

or relax with family


This place is a hangout spot for all. They pride themselves on good food and a great atmosphere, which is perfect for you, your family and friends.

For the love of sandwiches, be sure to check this place out.


Vicky Lewis
Vicky Lewis

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