Top 3 Juiciest Places in Bham

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Juicing in Birmingham is becoming more and more popular. With the added benefits for your health and the creative juicing combos, it is a fast growing fad throughout our city. Whether you want to take the juicing lifestyle plunge or just wanna try a really healthy drink, here are three places for you.

  1. Sprout and Pour

If health is your focus this is the place for you. Due to an unexplained illness, the owner, Amanda Blake, started her journey into juicing. Because of her positive experience, she decided to share her juices with the public. Since 2013, her booth at pepper place grew into a successful juice bar. All of their juices are designed for nutrition boosting and detox. They have cleanses galore as well as their cold-pressed juice collection. With fresh ingredients comes more flavorful tastes. Trying their delicious juices will have you coming back for more.

Most Popular Flavor: The Spring; a mix of apples, kale, cucumbers, oranges and mints

Locations: Homewood on Oxmoor Road and Downtown between 1st and 2nd Ave S


2. Juice Bar

All the way from Nashville TN, Juice Bar has become a huge part of our juicing community.  This place offers 100% juice that is fruit and veggie based. They also offer three different types of cleanses: Essential Cleanse, Juice to Dinner and Core Cleanse. Interested in shots of essential oils or power energy? This place is for you with over ten different varieties of shots of healthy goodness. Completely vegetarian, gluten free and organic when possible, Juthat will truly show you the fun in juicing.

Most Popular Flavor: Sweet Greens; a mix of apple, kale, cucumber, parsley, lemon, and spinach and Orange You Glad; a mix of carrot, apple, pineapple, lemon, ginger, and mint

Locations:  Chace Lake Circle and new location coming soon in Homewood


3. The Pantry

Family owned and healthy living conscious, the Pantry should be a go to Bham juicery. With organic and delicious greens and colorful combinations of your favorite fruits and veggies, you’ll love their made to order juices. They also offer detoxing cleanses for one and three days. With rich flavors and fresh ingredients, this is a place you’ll fall in love with.

Most Popular Flavor: 3 Day Detox Blends

Location: 17 Dexter Ave, Moutain Brook

Juice away, my friends.

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