25 Birmingham Art Prints You Need in Your Life


We’re kicking off a new series where we find and gather the unique arts and crafts inspired by all things local. Here is a list – in no particular order – of 25 Birmingham art prints that you need in your life!

Whether you’re dressing up your walls or gifting to a friend, I dare you to go through this list without purchasing one of these beautiful prints.

1. This adorably accurate play on words.

AshleyInk | Etsy
AshleyInk | Etsy

Buy it here.


2. The perfect addition to your gallery wall.

PaperFinchDesign / Etsy
PaperFinchDesign | Etsy

Buy it here.


3. This cute and modern skyline print!


H34ArtDesigns / Etsy
H34ArtDesigns | Etsy

Buy it here.


4. This POP of color on the city grid (with many more color options!)

iLikeMaps / Etsy
iLikeMaps | Etsy

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5. Speaking of grids… This simple grid comes in multiple colors, too.

WhitespaceAndDaisy / Etsy
WhitespaceAndDaisy | Etsy

Buy it here.


6. This vintage cityscape!

LoosePetals / Etsy
LoosePetals | Etsy

Buy it here.


7. For that rustic touch.

CallanElizDesigns / Etsy
CallanElizDesigns | Etsy

Buy it here.


8. This lovely collage of B’ham suburbs and spots.

SariasCreates / Etsy
SariasCreates | Etsy

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9. This seriously adorable watercolor of the most fun places in the city.

SignetSealed / Etsy
SignetSealed | Etsy

Buy it here.


10. That. View. Tho

mtpapery / Etsy
mtpapery | Etsy

Buy it here.


11. Because blueprints make the world go ’round.

SeashorePrints / Etsy
SeashorePrints | Etsy

Buy it here.


12. Hey. At least it’s not the Water Works, amirite?

NaraProject / Etsy
NaraProject | Etsy

Buy it here.


13. This modern skyline that’ll remind you of some certain colorful tunnels

laurenmaryPRINTS / Etsy
laurenmaryPRINTS | Etsy

Buy it here.


14. This incredibly precise collage of some of our favorite landmarks.

FrancesScottStudio / Etsy
FrancesScottStudio | Etsy

Buy it here.


15. You can never have enough landmarks.

SarahWoodallArt / Etsy
SarahWoodallArt | Etsy

Buy it here.


16. This amazingly cute and organized Avondale homage.

LittleHouseStudio / Etsy
LittleHouseStudio | Etsy

Buy it here.


17. For that minimalistic touch.

ArtByJosephDalton / Etsy
ArtByJosephDalton | Etsy

Buy it here.


18. For the frequent traveler.

offizin / Etsy
offizin | Etsy

Buy it here.


19. This modern coordinate to remind you EXACTLY where you are.

Picturality / Etsy
Picturality | Etsy

Buy it here.


20. Literally any of these prints. It was impossible to choose just one.

MaxandMila | Etsy

See and buy them here.


21. So fresh and so clean, clean.

PointTwoMaps / Etsy
PointTwoMaps | Etsy

Buy it here.


22. LOL, sorry mom.

WoodsonPrints / Etsy
WoodsonPrints | Etsy

Buy it here.


23. Where the Sloss skies are so blue.

JenAdgerVisualArts / Etsy
JenAdgerVisualArts | Etsy

Buy it here.


24. Because the Vulcan is literally embodying Birmingham.

ArtworkByKaitlin / Etsy
ArtworkByKaitlin | Etsy

Buy it here.


25. I think we can all agree that Birmingham is the bham.

JulyJulyandJuly / Etsy
JulyJulyandJuly | Etsy

Buy it here.

Support local, and let us know if you bought a print or two!
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