Ever Wanted to Zip Line in the Dark? Now you Can!


Eagle Solar & Light, based in Birmingham, installed and donated ActiveLED solar lights and controls which brighten the 80 foot Kaul Adventure Tower when activity is present and dim when it is not.  This will enable nighttime activities to rappel, zip line or climb.

According to the park Executive Director David Dionne, “Eagle Solar & Light was able to provide lighting for each level of the tower, plus 3 outside flood lights, and an additional light in the area where guests are prepped for their Adventure. The advanced programmable control system provides over 24 hours of continuous energy.”

Solar power is booming in some parts of the U.S., but not so much in Alabama.  It is considered to be clean energy since no coal is burned, no earth is fracked and no rivers are dammed for its energy production.

To find out more about nighttime activities, visit redmountainreservations.org or call: 205.913.7899.

Way to go, Eagle Solar and Light!

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