Bham’s Foodie Heaven: Pizitz Building

The scene of innovation in Birmingham is astounding. From startups in tech, to the renovation of a 1920 style buildings housing “chef incubators” Our city doesn’t seem to be sleeping.

 In the year 2000, Bayer Properties bought the old department store in hopes to restore its history to fit the growing city scene. Speaking of growth, generally technology, redevelopment of real estate, or even a shift in population may come to mind, but in this case, it’s the foodies turn.

“The ‘foodies’…? What a funky word!”

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Weird, but PRACTICAL! Restaurants have been popping up all over the place in Birmingham so it’s about time for this culture to take a stronghold within the Magic. The Pizitz Building is a perfect fit.

“In partnership with Rev Birmingham, an economic development organization in the city that aims to stimulate business growth, the food hall will recruit up-and-coming chefs who may not have the business background or money to open their own restaurants.”

Eilene Zimmerman

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While the new addition to Bham will include this astounding incubator, it will also house 143 multifamily apartments on the top 6 floors with up-to-date office space.

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Thanks to the hard work ethic that is Birmingham, our city is introducing a variety of opportunities.

Wade Cline
Wade Cline

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