Southern Makers at Sloss Furnaces August 12 – 13

Southern Makers is a two-day event that celebrates the best in creativity and design with artists that live and work in the south.

The event activities, workshops, storytelling, demonstrations and maker bazaar explore and center on taking southern traditions in architecture, food, fine art, fashion and design and applying them in a modern sustainable world.

We hope that visitors will learn a little something about why the south is a unique and creative place to live, discover and visit.

Birmingham’s Top 10 for May 3 – May 9

So I was looking through our calendar (plus a couple of my own sources, just to make sure I hadn’t missed anything), and noticed something: this upcoming week has a TON of incredible concerts!  Birmingham nightlife is picking up steam as we head into summer, and a surprising amount of it is free.  So apologies to those who don’t like music (you monsters!) for my recommendations this week (which aren’t ALL music, but there’s a lot)!

what's with metal bands and black tshirts, anyway?
Run! It’s Gojira! – via

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Birmingham featured in Washington Post’s “best vacation destinations you’ve never considered” series

Birmingham Alabama

“With revitalized neighborhoods and a ramped-up food culture, Alabama’s largest city boldly returns to the stage and sings to a bigger audience.” ~ From the Washington Post article titled –  You’re Going Where? Birmingham

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Which Famous Birmingham Sight are you? | Wednesday’s Quiz Days!

From monuments to murals, Birmingham is known for a few awesome sights. Can you be Five Points’ mascot? Or maybe you are more Vulcan-esque? Take this quiz to see which sight is really you!