Shop new local + sustainable products from Freedom Soap Company

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How good are these new t-shirt designs? Find them + more at Freedom Soap Co. Photo by Nathan Watson for Bham Now

Birmingham based Freedom Soap Company is so much more than their name implies. They’re known for their all-natural soaps and skincare products, but now they are adding more sustainable and eco-friendly goods to their inventory.

Keep reading to get a sneak peek, plus find out how you can win a bunch of Freedom Soap goodies and donate to a local environmental organization at the same time.

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14 places around Birmingham no longer using plastic straws + other single use plastics. Plus where to buy your own locally

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Emilie Maynor and Roni Nuby using their swzle brand stainless steel reusable straws in their cocktails at the Elyton Hotel! Photo via @emiliemaynorliving on Instagram

500 million straws are used in the U.S. each day—many never making it to recycling bins, instead to join the billions of others polluting our rivers, lakes, beaches and oceans.

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Meet the new Executive Director of AEC

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Headshot of AEC's new ED, Felicia Buck!
photo via AEC

In the current year, 2017, Alabama Environmental Council is celebrating its 50th anniversary! For fifty years, AEC has advocated for environmental issues in our state with many successes. Now, Felicia Buck, AEC’s newly appointed Executive Director, will carry out Alabama Environmental Council’s mission. I sat down with Felicia to learn more about her background and vision for AEC.

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This Birmingham business just invested $16 million to make recyclable takeout containers

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There’s good news for green business here in Birmingham, as a local company moves away from Styrofoam food packaging to a more eco-friendly alternative.

A joint venture between a consumer-packaging company called Sonoco and a recycled-fiber packaging company called Cascades are putting big bucks into its Birmingham-based plant, and the new water-based product that they’re manufacturing means additional jobs, too. About 20, according the Birmingham Business Journal.

Image via

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So… that’s where the “Protect Our Environment” car tag money goes

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When you drive around the state of Alabama, one of the most popular “vanity” car tags is this one:


Most people don’t know that the organization in charge of these car tags have been around for more than 20 years, supporting environmental education programs throughout the state.

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#Environmental Film Series, Thursday, Sept. 8th, Altamont School

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If you are interested in learning more about some of the top environmental issues in Alabama now, then you must check out the Southern Exposure Film Festival this Thursday evening, 7pm at the Altamont School.  Oh, and it’s free!

Film topics include waste water, state parks, landfills, efficient energy for low income households, the Cahaba River and the importance of oysters, (other than being delicious!).

Six talented, emerging film makers, from various parts of the U.S., spent 6 weeks of their summer here in Alabama, thanks to a fellowship provided by Southern Exposure.  The film makers will present to talk about their films and share their summer experience in Alabama.

More on the Films.  Altamont School location.

Southern Exposure Film Screening set for Sept. 8th – Free!

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Fellows from this year’s Southern Exposure Film Fellowship will screen their films on September 8th. Filmmakers from all over the nation came to Birmingham to participate in the 6-week program. They got the opportunity to learn about and shed light on some of Alabama’s environmental issues.

“To make a film from start to finish in six weeks is no easy feat, and that compressed timeframe is very unusual in documentary filmmaking,” said Michele Forman, Program Director for the Southern Exposure Film Fellowship. “The fellows must research their subjects and film everything they come across–all of the interviews, events, getting shots at a variety of locations–and edit it all together to make a compelling and clear story.”

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Mark Your Calendars – Southern Exposure Film Festival – Sept. 8th

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Top budding documentary filmmakers from across the U.S. will converge in Birmingham on September 8th to share their short films about important environmental topics facing our area.  Come meet the filmmakers and get ready to be inspired!  Admission: free.  The Altamont School, September 8th.  7:00-8:30pm.  4801 Altamont Rd S., Birmingham.

Free! Short films raising appreciation and awareness of Alabama’s incredible natural resources and important environmental issues.