Videography Intern

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Hey, visual wizards! Want to help make some of the coolest videos and photos around?

Bham Now has an immediate opening for a talented multimedia Intern.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • You know your way around the basic photo + video functions of DSLR and cinema cameras
  • Advanced production experience.
  • Strong understanding of audio, visual, and lighting components in and outdoors.
  • Experience shooting with a tripod, hand-held, and with a gimbal/stabilizer.
  • Experience editing footage (we edit in Final Cut), putting together motion graphics, and mixing audio.
  • Great people skills—you know how to put people at ease in front of the camera.
  • Communicating professionally in email, over the phone or in a presentation with clients, CEOs and strangers on the street comes naturally to you.
  • Social media is your friend—you know your way around Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube + TikTok.
  • Team player is your middle name—you know in your bones that we’re better together
  • You’re organized, efficient + a go-getter— you know how to manage your time to get. things. done.
  • You thrive in a fast-paced environment—you’re good but you’re also FAST. Deadlines don’t scare you—you know how to juggle multiple projects and complete projects on time.
  • You welcome feedback and constructive criticism and know that learning from others is how you will perfect your craft.
  • You’re proactive + love continuous learning—otherwise, why would you want to work at a place like Bham Now?
  • You can get around town in your own transportation.
  • Send resume, cover letter and work samples to

You’ll need to physically be in our Morris Ave. office in downtown Birmingham.

No benefits are provided with this job.

Rushing Waters Media, LLC is an equal opportunity employer.